Artist's statement:
In this series of artworks, Alex Nodopaka's art philosophy is to completely eliminate color and reduce outlines and brushstrokes in painting. He adds, since everything has been painted in all possible styles and techniques and subject matter is the reason he uses other people's, preferably famous paintings, as his source of inspiration. Chuckling, he quips, why create more throwaway canvases! Especially since the advent of the PC that he uses since 1995. He brags belonging to the 21st century! Finally, the squiggly line dividing his images into approximate halves of stark black and white further personalizes his interpretation of the original artworks.


Alex Nodopaka was made in Kiev and subsequently, by sheer accident, delivered in Vladivostok due to travel. Besides speaking pig Latin San Franciscan, he mumbles in exquisite Muscovite, Kievan & Parisian. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Casablanca, Morocco. Now full time author, artist in the USA. His interests in the visual arts and literature are widely multi-cultural though he considers his past irrelevant.