Can you sabotage. Guide me towards being
less than a foil packet of a body.

Now, I’m a sucker for revival and fuck anything
in its entirety upfront. Lean, and debased—

And when I watch your brain dip below the light,
you could say I’d hold anything in a piñata.

Can you frame it in reference to night, each night
becoming a shallow sink. If you’ve got red eyes, I

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Antonia Petschauer studies screenwriting and poetry at The University of Victoria in BC, Canada. She is the Executive Editor for poetry at the university's open-concept literary journal, The Warren Review. Her writing has been published in the magazine Warren Pieces. She's proud that the only writing she's ever made money from is an erotic novella based on a nightmare she had after binge-watching the show Narcos. She can be found on Twitter: @humanbreen.