Cheyenne Schiavone.jpg

Whereas sanitation becomes standard and takes over galleries, posters, movies and video clips, Cheyenne Schiavone has built a repository of her own, a world totally freed from the applied codes and that plunges us, with each new work, in a ballsy psyche, lively, assumed and free. Imposing a vision of the world both radical and benevolent, she is part of this rare women circle emerging from a very agreed and seen everywhere romantico-painful sensitive field. With this nonchalant elegance, this shameless indecence she expresses in every work which, from the outset, assumes a timeless value, the artist creates a trash aesthetic of great plastic beauty where violence and decadence are never meaningless. Cheyenne Schiavone makes Insolence a living art, an art that will remain. (Frédéric Vignale)