Wheelbarrow gulfsand into temple halls
Lafayette yesterday attended 3rd anniversary
community gathering to mourn the shooting
that took two of its artists. Woman shows me
her art nudes. I note in the sexgrope thumbprint
on her lower back

the way we ride one another nowhere.
Met women fed me in exchange
for another handful of the promises
boys don’t mean to keep. Navel-gazing
as our sexual power erodes in real-time.

Bellybutton brimmed with cum.
Strange how people are thankful
when you wipe clean their bodies.
Like this act lives somewhere out
on the edge of town,
beyond etiquette.

Daddy called said Musk is taking us to Mars in 6 years.
I told him you must be forgetting the casinos in Gulfport
if you reckon anyone means to give a shit. Attendance
at the annual memorial for the Lafayette shooting
has been in steady decline, the woman who bought
the victim’s house tells me.

Probably you are always an animal
in your dreams. Prove me wrong.

Nate Duke is pursuing a PhD at Florida State University. He holds an MFA from the University of Montana.