there’s an old internet flash game where you start as a little planet eating other little planets and you avoid big planets until you swallow enough little planets to become a bigger planet—you follow?

it’s about gravity and consumption and darwinism and luck
it’s about hunger
                            about movement, inertia
and more

hunger so great only you can feed yourself
a snake biting at its own tail
heads pressing at walls pulling at hair snapping at hands—
a dog goes off in the woods to die days after he loses his best friend
grief feeds grief
big fish eats little fish
and the only thing i feel inside is empty
and empty never fills
and i want you to/o
consume me/consume me/consume me

take me back to the empty


Alexis Diano Sikorski is a queer Filipina-American dog mom floating around DFW, Texas, and all she wants is a really good massage. She has work in TERSE., Burning House Press, The Collapsar, Moonchild Magazine, Vagabond City, Queen Mobs Teahouse, and more. She's a bit melodramatic, reads way too much fanfiction, and likes looking out of airplane windows. You can find her daydreaming or caring for her plants. @Sikorskidear