Issue 6

Fall 2019

THE GLUTTONS DIGEST: “Buttercream” by Caitlin Scarano

2 Eager As a Spark's Wink  .jpg


The Geographic Tongue II & The Wasteland / Georgia Dennison
Buck Moon / Maura Way
dung beetle / Wanda Deglane
I Ask for Desire When I Really Mean
& The Orchard Didn’t Come Back / Rachel Cruea
The Farm / Samantha Fain
Through this craving that some have wandered & Mother’s Day / Emma Bolden
Poem for my father 7000 miles away / John Colburn
Mothers / Cooper Arnink-Lader
The Edible Orchid / Barbara Daniels
empty//clarity / Alexis Diano Sikorski
Prairie Cabbage / Lauren Elaine Specht
Death, Jackson Pollock & Death, Mark Rothko / Maggie Dove

4 The Eerie Uncertainty of Daybreak.jpg


NICHO / Christopher X. Ryan
Like Fire / Greta Wu
The Red One / Jason Bargueño
A Cage of Dogs / Robert Kinerk
The Deep End / Rebecca Greenes Gearhart

1 The Trance of a Deepening Attraction .jpg


BEEF HAM / Mike Nagel
Top of the Rock / Johnny Alvarez
Split / Kat Read
Nighttime Mode / Liz Green
Adult Swim Class and the Salvation of Community Waters / Andy Butter