Issue 5

Spring 2019

THE GLUTTONS DIGEST: “Triathlon” by Hana Mason



A Summer in Paris / Caroline Kim
The Miniature Hotel / James Case
Tetrachords / Rebecca Orchard
Save the Tiger / E. Martin Pederson
The Mirror in the Window at 125th Street / T.L. Meddaugh
Nighthawks / Samantha Godwin



Underneath / Anne Falkowski
The Geographic Tongue III / Georgia Dennison
Butterfly / Robert Stuart Powers
I Know What You Look Like / Carol Bartold



Issue 5 Featured Artwork: “Perfume” “Sleep” “Watercolor” & “Garden in Morning” by Kayla Eason
Spring Flowers & The Golden Hour (mixed media on canvas) / Bianca Sturchio
the garden / riel Sturchio
usesleep / Maayan Sophia Weisstub
Flamingo Feathers Floating on Chicken Broth / Jury S. Judge
Untitled / R. Keith
Admirable Failures #13 / Jim Zola
Imaginary Maps 3-5 / Fabio Sassi
Altered Reality 177 & Altered Reality 213 / Alex Nodopaka
floral hh / Cynthia Yatchman