Submission Guidelines

What we hunger for:

The Hunger publishes visceral writing. The theme of “hunger” is not confined only to food, but hungers and thirsts of all kinds: the craving for connection, the human need to be filled or emptied, the devastating desires that define our most alive moments. Hungers can be sexual, romantic, familial, individualistic, spiritual, creative, sorrowful, conflicted, humanistic, and/or existential. 

We are excited by the lyrical, the experimental, the strange, the uncomfortable, the vulnerable, and just plain, motherfucking honesty. Send us work that bleeds. We want to be devoured. 

We strive to create a writing community that is founded on principles of inclusion and diversity, and gives a platform to a wide range of voices. We encourage all people, regardless of race, gender identity, faith, sexual orientation, or political affiliation to submit. 

Feed us:

Fiction (1 to 4,000 words)
Poetry (3-5 poems, in one document)
Nonfiction (1 to 5,000 words)
Hybrid/Experimental (no specified word count)
Art/Photography (send up to 5 images in .jpg format)

We also accept submissions for “The Gluttons Digest,” a column within each issue of The Hunger, dedicated to filling the emptiness. “The Gluttons Digest” features one piece of writing that sets the table for the work that follows. It can take the form of a traditional restaurant/food review, a recipe, an experience of eating (or not eating), or any wild experiment in food writing. We encourage weirdness; we are starving for your strange.

Open Reading Periods:

Winter Issue: October 1-December 15
Spring Issue: February 1-April 15
Fall Issue: June 1-August 15

Send all submissions to In the subject line, state the genre and title of the work (ex: Fiction: An Experiment in Emptiness). If sending poetry, list the title of the first poem in the packet. In your email, please include a cover letter and third-person bio (under 100 words), listing previous publications, fun facts, or any other information youd like us to swallow. Please attach your submission as a word document or PDF. ALL SUBMISSIONS ARE READ BLIND. Therefore, do not include any identifying information in the document itself. We do not accept submissions pasted into the body of your email. 

All submissions received outside of the open reading periods listed above will go unread and unresponded to. If simultaneously submitting, promptly send us an email to the address above letting us know the work has been accepted elsewhere, so that we can withdraw it from our system. Only unpublished work will be considered (unpublished for us means it has not previously appeared in its entirety online or in print, including blogs and social media). The Hunger claims First North American Serial Rights, with rights reverting back to the author upon publication. We kindly ask that if the work is reprinted in a full collection or anthology it is credited as first appearing in The Hunger. We cannot currently offer payment to contributors, aside from our ravenous gratitude (but we hope to change this soon!).