Issue 3

Fall 2018

THE GLUTTONS DIGEST: “Steps for Proper Pickling” by Cameron Moreno

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BANG! / Ron Burch
Footprints in the Dust / Bennett Durkan
Suburban Mating Ritual / Patrick Kelling
La Cosa Nostra / Eugenio Volpe
You Never Know What Helps / G.M. Monks
Manky Polestar / Ingrid Casey
The Time Dad Took Me to a Whorehouse / James Hanna
Kairos / Sam Wachman
Madness Stories / M. Kaat Toy
Blight / LeeAnn Oliver

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Gone & Some Nights / Lisa Fay Coutley
Inheritance / L. Cain
The Colour of Butter / b.h. Yael



Domestic Conjecture / Anne Rubin
Peep Show / Jenn Blair
The Patient's Lover /Isabella Esser-Munera
Wind That Can Be Followed to the Final Planet / Rob Cook

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