Pornography as a Weimar Economy 

In exchange for a single pizza, regular crust and extra
sausage, this woman will ultimately perform
several instances of fellatio and a wide assortment of contortions

to accommodate the delivery man’s above-average
penis at various tempos and angles. Even if we assume
the eventual disposal of seminal fluid

constitutes a gratuity, she
paid a similar price for her very complicated
medical procedure some weeks back.

This is nothing if not evidence of hyperinflation.
Before the eventual looting, I hope I can calculate
how much cunnilingus a wheelbarrow can hold.


Lucas Denzler is a graduate of the BFA program in Creative Writing at Bowling Green State University. His work has appeared in Prairie Margins, where he received the Grandma Goda Award, and in Sheila-Na-Gig online's "Under 30" issue.